Headquartered in Shanghai Pudong, OZNER is a large-scale comprehensive environmental enterprise involved in high-tech
area, which is diversified and international, and gathers research, manufacturing and marketing as a whole. With end water
purification and air purification as main business, OZNER subverted the traditional sales model of device, combined with Int-
ernet and 3G technology, established a direct-marketing service team, and constructed relevant logistics and warehousing f-
acilities, to provide a quality and efficient sales model of water purification services. OZNER water purification dedicates to pr-
oviding customer with air purification solutions and services, with customers in healthcare, foods and electronics. Also, as g-
round supporting technology provider for “CLEP”, OZNER provides air purification equipment and technical support.

OZNER always adheres to the principle of self R&D, not only it owns Water Purification Product Development Center coverin-
gan area of nearly 1,000 square meters, it also has established an Environmental Technology Research Laboratory in coop-
eration with Zhejiang University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University on technology research and development. OZNER ha-
s developed by its own the word-leading APO+ water purification technology, and the Cloud water purification technology feat-
ures with regular water quality monitoring and dynamic update display of consumption figures of consumable filter cartridge.
 OZNER carries out rigorous product quality control and service level management. In 2013, after the completion of Zhejiang
production base, OZNER made huge investment to construct the Shaanxi OZNER Environmental Technology Industrial Park,
realing the comprehensive improvement in terms of material, indicator, management and logistics. In the meantime, OZNER
sticks to non-outsourced after-sale services, its direct afer-sale service agencies scattering all around the country. OZNER is
the first domestic water purification service brand which establishes 24h x365d mode of customer service hotline in China,
 thus ensuring 365 days of high quality safe water.OZNER is awarded as “Advanced technology enterprise in Shanghai”, as
 well as various domestic and overseas certificates including ISO9001:2008 quality management system, HK CB certificate,
 National CCC certificates and SGS water quality inspection standards, possessing nearly 100 technology patents related
 with water treatment. For consecutive years, OZNER has won the prize of “Most Influential Enterprise” and “Top 10 Water P-
ation Brand in China” in water treatment industry. In 2013, OZNER was awarded as the most potential enterprise in Ch-
ina by 
Fudan EY, for its continuous high growth potential. Meanwhile, as a leader brand, OZNER has initiated various kinds
 of public 
welfare activities such as community donation, Changjiang River Source Protection Program and Aid for Ya’am Ea-
rthquake, al
l for the goods of the public. “Beyond expectation, focus on customer interests, partner interests and collective int-
erests” is the 
core philosophy for Ozner all the time.