Ozner launched its first ozonator during SARS.

Establish end water purification and air purification as main business.

Ozner grew into an enterprise with independent R&D and technology innovation capability, with its APO+ safe water purification technology awarded with various safety certifications.

Thanks to the promotion model possible for large-scale application, the knock-on effect formed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen marked Ozner’s journey towards its national expansion.

Ozner was awarded the deputy director’s unit of Water Appliances Professional Committee of Shanghai Household Electric Appliance Profession Association.
Ozner was selected as ground supporting technology provider for “CLEP”, providing ground space air purification technology support.

Ozner served as one of the drinking water providers for Shanghai World Expo.
Ozner passed the test performed by HKPU, the water quality conforms to WHO drinking water standard .
Ozner was the exclusive drinking water provider for leaders of embassies during their visit to Former Residence of Soong Ching-ling.

Ozner was one of the drinking water providers for Universiade volunteers in 2011.
Ozner was invited to settle in JZ Music Festival to provide direct drinking water for hundreds of thousands of audience present, while advocating to reduce the number of discarded bottles.
Ozner provided technology support throughout the course for the documentary “Water Quality Investigation of Yangtze River Source” of ICS China Untapped.
Ozner was awarded “Top ten Water Purifier Brands in China”.
Ozner signed an agreement with renowned NGO “Green River Environmental Protection Association” to act as a NGO partner of “Green River”, planing to jointly build “Water Ecology Protection Station for Yangtze River Source”. 
Ozner was the appointed water purifier brand for JSLC.

In March 2013, The leap year bug broke. Ozner set up emergency response group the first time and designed effective solutions, having the crisis solved in 24 hours. Finally, the large-scale company image of Ozner was strengthened again during this crisis.
Ozner was awarded “The Most Influential Enterprise” and “Top Ten Water Purifier Brands” host by hc360.com, which has strengthened Ozner’s leadership in water purification and a brand with certain power in the market.
Ozner compiled the book Knowledge of water and health, the first popular science reading about healthy drinking water, which gives a systematical introduction about the philosophy of healthy drinking water. This book was published by Guangdong Science and Technology Press and was on sale in Xinhua Bookstores throughout the country.
Ozner built the first protection station for Yangtze River source with renowned NGO “Green River”, dedicating to protect the water ecology of Yangtze and improve the waste pollution situation in Yangtze. 

Ozner spent enormous amount building the construction of Ozner International Shanxi Environmentally Friendly Science and Technology Industrial Park, which will be the biggest water purifier production base in China.
In April 2013,when the Ya’an earthquale broke out, Ozner organized volunteer groups the first time for rescue, while delivering Ozner purifier to places where the need is greatest.
In July 2013, Get ready for mutual success in the future—the Jingganshan Summit attended by one thousand Ozner dealers came to a successful end, marking the beginning of a new round of development.
In 2013, OZNER was awarded as the most potential enterprise in China by Fudan EY, for its continuous high growth potential.
In September 2013, thanks to Ozner’s technical strength, service capability and brand influence, Ozner was awarded again as “The Most Influential Enterprise” and “Top Ten Water Purifier Brands” host by hc360.com
In December, Ozner was award as the “Customer Satisfaction Brand in 2013 Chinese market” jointly issued by China Market Monitor Co,Ltd., Asia Brand Management Academy, household appliance market and Asia New Energy, demonstrating that Ozner is highly recognized by a large number of customers in its brand, products and services.

In March, OZNER was elected as the vice managing director unit in the China Association for Water Purification Equipment Quality Inspection.
In 2014, partnered with 21st Century Business Herald, OZNER initiated the“Jingze Project”and carried out authoritative systematic drinkable water quality investigation under the academic support from professional organizations and institutes such as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.