Beyond expectation, focus on customer interests, partner interests and collective interests
Enterprise Mission
∙Environmentally friendly science and technology goes along with human beings.

Business Philosophy
∙ Speak more and do more
Good communication is the basis of efficient work.

∙ Quantitative directives and quantitative report
Through quantitative management, make sure all the work is put into place based on time, number and quality

∙ Best end service is critical for success .
Win the trust of end customers through lifetime service.

∙ Next procedure is the customer of last procedure.

Everyone has a market and customer. The next procedure is your customer while you are the customer of last procedure. If you do the work for the problems of last procedure, you have the right to get paid. Likewise, if you leave problems to the next procedure, you have to pay.

∙ The one who takes charge shall take theresponsibility; The one who takes responsibility shall take the charge
Implement job responsibility system and accountability system at the same time, making sure all the work is put into place.

∙ Brand interpretation
∙ Name interpretation
The brand is named Ozner, which shows grace in gravity as well as generosity in calmness. The name shows that the people of Ozner are not only prudent and practical, but also open-minded and concerned about people's livelihood .

∙ Chinese name interpretation
Hao means vast, Ze means moist.
Make people’s life nourished like the gentle rain.
Water is the source of life and the lifeline of people’s livelihood. It shows Ozner’s respects for water and share its dignity as well as its humanistic spirit of focus on human being and care for their life.

∙ Explanation of OZNER
OZNER derives from the word OZONE, whose pronunciation is similar to that of the Chinese word “haoze”.
As a terminology specific, OZONE means “fresh air” in oral English and is also used to indicate “ing power”. This not only aligns with the core ozone technology in the company, but also has demonstrated OZNER’s commitment to ozone technology development and promotion, namely providing people with ing and safe life experience through advanced environmental technology.

Color usage: Blue is the dominant color in company LOGO, which stands for cleanliness and authority and highlights that the company is a high technology oriented environmental friendly company. The water wave in the complementary figure is inspired by the gentle and natural waving surface of water. The interlacing lines imply the perfect interaction between OZNER and the consumers, safeguarding the drinking water safety of them. The color used in the complementary figure is the combination of OZNER blue and OZNER gray, while the blue represents technology innovation, the gray can be interpreted as OZNER’s safety obligation.