Ozner APO+ safe water purifying technology
Ozner purifiers use the international leading water purification technology APO+, effectively preventing "secondary pollution,"
to produce really safe, healthy and direct drinkable water.   
APO+ is the abbreviation of Absorption, Purification Ozonation, that is, optimized absorbing, premium filtration and fresh pu-
rification, and "+" means better, really guaranteeing the output water is fresh, healthy and safe.
Safe Absorption Combination with better absorbing feature Absorption+
APO+ combines PPF, KDF, high quality activated carbon, calcium sulfite and silver-loaded activated carbon, capable of ab-
sorbing such carcinogenic substances as residual chlorine, corroded sediments, nitrites and trichloromethane in water. 
Safe ORO Technology with better purifying feature Purification+
ORO (Ozner Reverse Osmosis) technology is a new generation of ORO safe purification technology independently develo-
ped by Ozner’s R & D Center and based on current global safe water purification technologies. The pores of the filter elem-
ent are only 0.0001 micron (500 times smaller than bacteria), capable of blocking harmful substances such as chemical p-
ollutants,pesticide and hormone residues, and heavy metal ions. This technology is also the water processing technology-
most suitable for current water quality in China. Compared with traditional RO technology, ORO technology has a high wa-
ter purification rate up to 95%, while the traditional RO is just 20%-50%.
Note: It can reach the highest percentage of 95% when the inflow TDS value <100ppm.
Safe Ozone Sterilization Technology with better fresh-keeping feature Ozone+
APO+ applies an efficient patented air-water mixing technology. Through the microcomputer control, ozone (O3) is autom-
atically added into water every day according to the water quality, increasing the amount of oxygen dissolved in water to k-
ill bacteria and viruses, and thus preventing secondary pollution. Water is purified from the source so that the water tastes-
sweet and fresh, while ensuring the safety of water quality.
"Cloud" Water Purification Technology
"Cloud" Water Purification Technology leading the future: if an abnormality occurs in a water purifier, the Ozner Cloud Ser-
vice Center will receive a repair instruction from the device, and arrange a visit by an after-sales supervisor;
Full cycle monitoring of water quality safety and dynamic update and display for the consumption figure of consumables f-
ilter element ensuring the condition of consumables filter element relating to water quality safety at any time, and the devi-
ce will automatically send an title1= message to the Ozner Cloud Service Center if necessary, then the after-sales service p-
ersonnel will come to your site for replace and maintenance. To save energy and avoid wasting water, the heating functio-
n will be disabled automatically when the hot water is not used within 2 hours, also guaranteeing the drinking water remai-
ns healthy and safe.
Core R&D team

ZHU Mingwei, Chief Engineer of R&D Center 
Mr. Zhu has about 20 years’ experience of science & technology development and operation management. During
his tenure as Engineer in China Jiangnan Aviation Industry Group Company, he won the title of qualified mould de-
sign engineer approved by China Aviation Industry General Company (National Aviation Administration).


Ozner Microorganism lab Chief expert

Chen  Zaiming, professor, is now the director of Edible Fungi Research Center in Zhejiang University. As the vice preside-
nt of Edible Fungi Association in Zhejiang, he has participated in many national key R&D projects and won many National -
Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. Now, he is the chief expert in 
Ozner microorganism lab, directing new prod-
uct development and technology breakthrough. 


Ozner Electrical lab Chief expert
Xi Jinliang, senior engineer, an electronic automation technology expert who has been in designing and developing electr-
onic technology for many years. With many patents
 granted, he once worked in Shanghai Navy Vessel Institute, ERINI a-
nd Shanghai the Seventh Shipbuilding Factory as senior engineer. Now, he is chief expert in 
Ozner electrical laboratory.