Air showers are highly versatile purification devices which blow away dust clinging to people and object surfaces with clean and strong airflow which has passed through high efficiency filtration. It can be used with all clean rooms and clean workshops. In a clean room, the greatest source of bacteria and dust is workers under dynamic conditions. When entering the workshop, a worker must pass through this device to allow a strong vent of clean air to be jetted onto his/her body in all directions from the rotating nozzle, thus quickly and effectively eliminating dust, hair, dandruff and other items clinging to clothes, and reducing the pollution caused by passing in and out of the clean room. The two doors of the air shower are interlocked electrically and hence also work as an air lock, preventing external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area. The introduction of hair, dust and bacteria by workers into the workshop can be eliminated to meet strict purification standards at the workplace and provide high-quality products. Operational Principles of Air Shower Rooms Air is filtered and fanned into the air shower. Afterwards, having passed through an efficient air filter, clean air is jetted at a high speed from nozzles of the air shower. The nozzles can be adjusted for various angles to effectively blow away the dust clinging to people or surfaces of objects they take along. The blown-away dusts are recycled into the preliminary filter. With such a circulation, the air shower dedusting can be achieved. Our air shower rooms, air purifiers, transfer windows, cleaning benches and other products are used mainly in sterile purification workshops in food, beverage, biology, medicine, electronics, color packaging and other industries. Our products have reliable quality and artistic appearance with the ability to help you pass the tests conducted by national quality inspection departments and facilitate QS and HACCP certifications.